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For all your Portuguese conference, workshop, private, interpreting needs, Speak Portuguese offers a high-quality language solutions, first-class service included.

Speak Portuguese provides high-quality simultaneous and consecutive professional interpreter completely fluent in Portuguese / English. If you require oral translation service for any event, corporate or private, we provide you with excellent professional interpreters, who are native in the target language.

Our expert linguists deliver expert interpretation, culturally accurate and in a format that suits you and your client best, below some examples of the oral translation service we render:

Ad-hoc Interpreting - Ad-hoc interpreting is used in less formal situations, such as informal meetings, site visits or an appointment with your foreign business partner for example.

Consecutive Interpreting - Consecutive interpreting involves the speaker talking for a short period of time and the interpreter then translating this into the required foreign language, allowing the speech to flow more fluently. This type of interpreting service is used by legal professionals, and it is also a common technique used in small conferences or group discussions.

Simultaneous Conference Interpreting - Simultaneous interpreting involves the interpreter translating as the speaker talks, using a headset or similar equipment, providing immediate interpretation. This is typically used in Conference.

Event language services
We can also supply audio visual equipment for conferences and assist with the hiring of multilingual event staff (hostess, steward), so all your language-related needs are taken care of with just one phone call.

All our estimates include travel time and travel costs, so there are no 'hidden extras'.

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