Efficient and Succinct Interpretations Perfect for Meetings

At SpeakPortuguese (SP), we work with a number of expert Portuguese interpreters that offer a quick and reliable service. Our consecutive interpreting service is perfect for last minute meetings, and, unlike simultaneous interpreting, doesn’t require any professional equipment. Instead, your interpreter sits nearby, and offers a translation as soon as the speaker has finished speaking.

Portuguese consecutive interpreting can be much more reliable than other forms of interpretation, as your interpreter is sitting with you. This allows them to notice any nuances in body language, and relay that within the translations, ensuring that everyone can follow the conversation, regardless of the languages being spoken.

Our highly professional consecutive interpreters in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape town and all over South Africa seamlessly switch between languages for a smooth conversation

How many interpreters will I need?

Consecutive interpretation doesn’t necessarily require multiple interpreters, as it’s generally best used in small meetings between two parties. It’s usually best for one interpreter to translate on behalf of everyone.

If your meeting is likely to last longer than two hours, you may want to have a second interpreter on hand to take over. Interpreting requires a lot of concentration, and you want to avoid tiring out the interpreter, as it could lead to miscommunication from interpreter fatigue.

Highly-specialised professionals at a great rate

Our consecutive interpreting prices begin with some the most competitive rates among translation and interpreting agencies in the South Africa, and come with an attentive and dedicated customer service that can’t be beaten.

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