Real-time simultaneous interpreting to help your conference run smoothly

At a conference, event, or meeting at which attendees speak multiple languages, some form of translation will be necessary. In almost all of these cases, simultaneous interpreting is the perfect solution. Simultaneous interpreting involves at least two interpreters sitting in soundproof booths, listening to conversations through headphones, and translating foreign dialogue into the headphones of conference-goers.

When simultaneous interpreting is best

Many high profile international conferences in South Africa  use simultaneous interpreting, including, perhaps most prominently, the Mining indaba, or  the SADC Council of Ministers Meeting at both of these locations are populated as much by interpreters, including Portuguese interpreters, as they are by politicians, with almost everyone in attendance glued to headsets, speaking into microphones.

Other events that often employ simultaneous interpreting are global product launches and sales presentations, where potential buyers from around the world all need to accurately and immediately understand any announcements.

How many interpreters will I need?

Simultaneous interpretation always requires at least two interpreters, as the intensity of the task means one translator can only be at peak efficiency for a period of 20 minutes, after which they must take a break and swap places with a fellow interpreter.

The number of languages being spoken at your event will also have an impact on how many interpreters you require. Meetings with many languages will therefore need several translators, and more equipment and soundproof booth space to go with them

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Simultaneous Interpretation Service
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Simultaneous Interpretation Service
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