Embassy of Mozambique in Pretoria South Africa


The Mozambique High Commission in Pretoria, Gauteng is the diplomatic mission of Mozambique in South Africa. On this page you will find info on specific details such as the Mozambique High Commission contact information, web presence. The Embassy of Mozambique in Pretoria is not the only diplomatic representation of Mozambique in South Africa. On this page you can also find all other Mozambican consulates located in South Africa.

Mozambique High Commission in Pretoria (Pretoria)

Address: 529 Edmond Street, Arcadia. 0083 Pretoria

Tel:      +27 12 401 0300

Website: http://www.embamoc.co.za

E-mail: albertinamabuiangue@yahoo.com





Mozambique Consulate General in Johannesburg,

95 Oxford road-Saxonwold, 2044 Johannesburg

Tel:      +27 11 3275704

+27 11 484 6427/33/34/37

E-mail:  cgeral@intekom.coo.za

Cape town

Consulate of Mozambique in Cape Town,

45 Castle Street, 7th floor, Cape Town 8001,
Tel (+27) 21 462 2944 / 5
E-mail:  mozambiqueconsulatecpt@telkomsa.co.za



Mozambique Consulate in Nelspruit,

32 Bell Street, Nelspruit,1200,

Tel:      (+27) (13) 753 2089

+27 13 527396
E-mail: mozconns@mweb.co.za


Country Overview

Mozambique is located in the south eastern coast of Africa, bordering South Africa, eSwatini, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. With a population of 28,692,144 (2017) and an area of 801,590 it is the 50th most populous country and the 35th largest. Maputo, formerly named Loureno Marques, is the capital of Mozambique.

Mozambique is endowed with ample arable land, water, energy, as well as mineral resources and newly discovered natural gas offshore; three, deep seaports; and a relatively large potential pool of labour. It is also strategically located; four of the six countries it borders are landlocked, and hence dependent on Mozambique as a conduit to global markets. Mozambique’s strong ties to the region’s economic engine, South Africa, underscore the importance of its economic, political, and social development to the stability and growth of Southern Africa as a whole.


Over 50% of the Mozambican population is Portuguese-speaking however Mozambique is linguistically diverse with over 43 languages in use within the country. Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique with Mozambican Portuguese being the standard dialect spoken throughout the country. In urban areas, approximately 80% of residents speak Mozambican Portuguese. Numerous Bantu languages are also spoken in the country by different ethnic groups.

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