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Medical translation is one of the language services that requires exactness and one to be well knowledgeable about almost everything that has to do with medicine/the medical field. As the Johannesburg Medical translation company, we have worked with medical practitioner hand in hand for years. Our Johannesburg medical translators have gained great expertise and experience in this field to tackle and over turn any medical translation that our clients are in need of. One of the characters that built the Medical sector, is constructive communications. As language barrier is a stumbling block that hinders communication, we are the rescuers to such a daunting situation.

Medical translation requirements

Medical translation requires specific knowledge, precision and understanding of the medical field regulatory laws and the legislation. Hence every language professional that has been allocated to conduct medical translation, has to have educational background and expertise in the medical field that matches the subject that they have to translate. This is due to the fact that this service is conducted for medical professionals, people who are in various medical fields and the public. Therefore educational background in medicine is of great significance in this instance. The medical translator has to be able to handle medical texts that contain numerous abbreviation, acronyms and terms specific to the industry.

Johannesburg Medical Translators Pretoria_Cape Town_Durban

Accurate message transmission

Our Johannesburg medical translation team plays a vital role in making certain that medical messages are well received, between the medical practitioners, their support staff, caregivers and patients. Our Johannesburg medical translators see to it that, the messages are received on time and in the home languages of the medical workers and patients. This helps is a sense that the medical workers and patients will receive informed consent or that they will be well informed about medical procedures.

Conducting medical translation in Johannesburg, has given us great exposure to researches of vaccines, drugs, and procedures of fighting diseases. This experience gave us much and  broader knowledge in conducting medical translations and making sure that the message transmission is well conducted. It is advisable for translation companies to allocate translators who are knowledgeable about the clients’ needs who also have circumstantial understanding of the clients’ situation and the service they ought to provide.

Johannesburg medical translation of documents

Our Johannesburg medical translators have all your medical translation needs in the palms of their hands, from patients’ report documents, books, lectures and slides, and they help patients fill out any paperwork that they are given in the medical facilities, of which the patients fails to understand due to medical documents jargon or language barrier. They also translate patients’ documents that come from doctors who speak foreign language, they translate information that was derived for pharmaceutical products, documents that are used for major surgeries, patients medical reports, research unearthing and notes.

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Johannesburg medical translators -communication made easy

Language barrier does not have to make expats, immigrants or transfer patients’ medical conditions much more difficult by becoming a stumbling between the patients and the medical practitioner, which in a way, it is standing on their way to a healthy life. Our Johannesburg medical translators who are Portuguese language speaking, give accurate and adequate medical translation, consequently making it a point that the mediation between the medical facility/medical practitioner and patient/the patient family indistinguishably meets both parties’ needs.

The medical translations we offer

  • Admission/discharge letter translation
  • Label and medical tools translation
  • Medical interpreting
  • Training and learning material translation
  • Technical translation
  • Medical document translation
  • Patient reports
  • Test procedures
  • Healthcare surveys

Speak Portuguese’s Johannesburg medical translators have been conducting medical translation for over a decade and with the experience and expertise that we have gained over the past years we have managed to keep almost 100% of our clients as return clients due to the service we provide. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectation. Our exceptional time management always leave our clients in disbelief of how quickly and timely we deliver our services. Our team members will gladly weigh you off the burden of worrying about your language needs at an affordable rate and see to it that there are no communications barriers in the process.

If you have any questions you would like to ask, kindly contact us on the following numbers 012 348 3134 or send us an email at, we will gladly be of assistance to you.

Medical translation in Johannesburg
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