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When you are preparing for a Portuguese visa application , you will most likely need to have some of your personal document translated. Some documents that typically need translation for a Portuguese visa application include: criminal records, marriage certificate, birth certificates for your children, proof of insurance, proof of income, medical certificate and a certificate of medical insurance. The required documents vary depending on what type of visa you are requesting

The Portuguese embassy in South Africa requires that Portuguese visa application document must be translated by a sworn Portuguese translator who has their accreditation. Our Portuguese translators at SpeakPortuguese Translation is accredited with the Embassy of Portugal in South Africa and translates all kinds of official documents especially those requested for a Portuguese visa application. Visa application process and the bureaucracy surrounding it are a source of headache and stress for many people. Using a well-respected translation service provider such as ours helps to make certain that your application is not held up while the translation is reviewed. Because of the legal nature and the importance for accuracy in immigration and visa services, only a leading professional translation service like SpeakPortuguese Translation should be employed for such kinds of government document translation


Rush & Same-Day Visa Translation
SpeakPortuguese Translation understands the importance of a timely Portuguese visa application .
To help you meet your deadline, we offer rush and same-day translations of the documents you need to get a visa.
We deliver most small immigration/legal documents in under 12 hours. Our highly automated workflow systems enable us to deliver certified translation more quickly than our industry peers. We know that timing can be critical for you or your clients, so we focus on minimizing your wait.


The translation of official documents for Portuguese visa application such as government-issued IDs, certificates, driver’s licences or contracts may require a different type of certification, according to the country where you will be presenting them. In some cases, along with the certification by a sworn translator, You may be asked to legalise your document by apostille. This happens if you want to present your translated document in one of the countries that have signed The Hague Convention of 5 October 1961. The apostille must be issued by the Department of International cooperation (DIRCO)

Flat Pricing

We offer among the most attractive rates in the industry (R350/page) for all certified translations/Portuguese visa application. We are the market leader in certified translation and legal document translation, which enables us to cut costs and pass the savings to our clients. We believe that prices should be clear and simple, with no hidden fees. We are committed to high quality at affordable prices.

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