Portuguese Interpreters for Marketing Research


Portuguese interpretation during marketing surveys, interviews, focus group discussions & translation of questionnaires and survey transcripts in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban or Cape town.

The aim of a market research is to interpret the market characteristics, translate the marketing problems and opportunities, evaluate and develop marketing strategies. Market research questionnaires and surveys are the most common mechanism for collecting marketing information.

As more organisations in South Africa pursue global business strategies, the need to conduct market research on an international scale is rapidly increasing. International market research projects require multilingual surveys and therefore multilingual professional language translation and localisation.

SpeakPortuguese provides Portuguese interpretation and translation services for all kinds of marketing research techniques and industries:

Focus group

A small group of people representing the study population are asked to complete the questionnaire. Translators will also discuss these results to determine the possibility of any language, comprehension or socio-cultural problems.

SpeakPortuguese marketing research interpreters can interpret during focus group discussions, record transcripts and translate them from Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese.

Personal interview

This involves administering a marketing research questionnaire one-on-one to a prospective user. SpeakPortuguese marketing research interpreters can translate the questionnaire or interpret it verbally during administration from Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese.

Our translators and interpreters have an excellent command in the source and target languages, possess experience in market research and survey translations and have an in-depth insight of the cultures in question. Additionally, translator reviewers are familiar with questionnaire design principles and qualified in the field of market research.

Our interpreters ensure that target users understand the translated questions as easily as the source population for whom they were designed. To this end, they often utilise their creative prowess rather than just simply providing customers with a literal translation.


Our translators can help translate market information collected through a questionnaire in Portuguese or English languages. They translate the data gathered to the original source language of the marketing research company so that all the results can be collated and analysed. While structural and lexical differences are present, our Portuguese marketing research translators and interpreters are adequately trained to handle them.

Comprehensive Service

We are also very happy to arrange for interpreting services to meet your every business need, including for business meetings, conferences and consultations. We can provide Portuguese business meeting interpreting services all over South Africa.

Portuguese in Africa

Portuguese is a popular language in Africa. There are six countries in Africa where Portuguese is the main language. These countries are Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, Angola and Mozambique. Portuguese in these countries is different than the language in Portugal and Brazil. Local customs and African history influence the way people write and speak Portuguese. Portuguese is with Spanish the fastest growing western language, and, following estimates by UNESCO it is the language with the higher potentiality of growth as an international communication language in Africa (south) and South America. The Portuguese speaking African countries are expected to have a combined population of 83 million by 2050.

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