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An immigration officer is a law enforcement person whose job is to make sure that immigration legislation is followed. This covers a wide variety of things such as making sure that immigrants or asylum seekers follow a country’s rules of entry when applying for their visas. So what are the duties of immigration officers in South Africa? They ensure that people coming into the country have the correct documentation, and regulate the movement of people, who are coming into the country or going out by stamping their passports. They check the accuracy of visa information and ensure that those who have breached the border are apprehended and removed and pursue those who are in breach of criminal and immigration laws and more.

What are the duties of immigration officer in South Africa_-pretoria-johannesburg-capetown-durban-2023There are a variety of reasons why people seek entrance to a new country, this might be because they want to be with family members, or they might be interested in seeking new opportunities or seeking refuge. When travelling to another country, is important that you familiarise yourself with the rules of immigration of that country, and to ensure that you do not break any of them. This is where immigration officers enter the picture, they are there to ensure that you abide by those laws and rules. Below is a list of duties of immigration officers in South Africa.  

Duties of an immigration officer in South Africa

Immigration officers are law enforcement who represent the South African government by ensuring that the immigration systems integrity is maintained and that national security is enforced. They identify possible security threats, review applications for citizenship and visas and look out for possible fraud attempts. The following are fully detailed duties of an immigration officer:

  • What are the duties of immigration officer in South Africa_-johannesburg-capetown-durban-pretoria-southafricaThey conduct traveller clearances for arrivals and departures. 
  • They ensure that required administrative fines are imposed on all travellers who violated the validity of their licences. 
  • They ensure that all qualified tourists receive cross-border permits in accordance with the Immigration Act. 
  • They ensure that all eligible RSA citizens are able to receive emergency travel documents in accordance with the SA Passport and Travel Documents Act. 
  • They establish deposits and guarantees. 
  • They regard asylum seekers in accordance with the Refugees Act. 
  • They empty the conveyors after arrival and before departure. 
  • Ensure that penalties are applied to conveyors who violate the Immigration Act upon arrival. 
  • Check conveyors for signs and traces that could indicate unlawful activity or migration violations. 
  • Examine travel records for clues and traces to identify any illegal activity, such as violating immigration laws.
  • Make sure that they correctly process those who are refused entry into the country on arrival.
  • Make sure that they correctly process those who are prohibited, once they leave the country.
  • Make sure that they correctly process stowaways, deserters and castaways.
  • Oversee the prosecution of those who are travelling with fake South African documents.
  • Make sure that those working at the border are working there legally in the country.
  • Make sure that there is visibility at the borderline.

How do you become an immigration officer in South Africa?

What are the duties of immigration officer in South Africa_-sandton-capetown-durban-2023In order to become an immigration officer in South Africa, you must have good communication skills. Be able to work well with other people. You should be able to communicate in different languages. Be able to manage huge crowds and be computer literate. Immigration officers should have in-depth knowledge of the South African Constitution and know the Refugees and Immigration Act. They should hold a bachelor’s degree in the following recommended fields: Public Management and Administration, Operations Management, International Law, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Homeland Security, etc. Have two to three years of experience in the immigration service environment and be willing to travel.


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What are the duties of immigration officers in South Africa?
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What are the duties of immigration officers in South Africa?
An immigration officer is a member of law enforcement whose responsibility it is to ensure compliance with immigration regulations. This covers a wide range of topics, including as ensuring that immigrants or asylum seekers adhere to the nation's entrance requirements while requesting visas. They control the movement of persons entering the country or leaving it by stamping passports, ensuring that visitors have the proper credentials.
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