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English subtitles service South Africa

Subtitling service is the translation of the voice over, dialogue or the words that are spoken in a video, advertisement or television documentary. Subtitles translate the content of an audio of the videocast form one language to the other. The use of subtitles in a video is very advantageous, as it helps the viewers understand the content of the video better and the subtitles give the viewers a complete experience of the of the flow of the narrated content and the dialogue between the characters. As the English Subtitling services company that is located in South Africa, we have come to realize the excessive need for English subtitles that are translated from both South African and international languages. Adding subtitles to videocast content no longer leave the viewers in awe; instead it has come to be an expectation. Hence as the English subtitling services company in South Africa, we make sure that all our clients subtitling services needs are either met or exceeded.

English subtitling services in South Africa johannesburg_Pretoria_Cape Town_Durban_2022

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Subtitling videocast content promotes intelligibility and it helps the content to reach a much broader audience by translating it into a variety of different languages. Videocast contents that are not subtitled and translated from a certain language to the other, are most likely to reach a smaller audience that the translated ones. As the English subtitling Services Company in South Africa, we make sure that our English subtitles are of top quality, in order to provide our clients with nothing, but the best results. We make sure that we hire highly trained and professional polyglots for our English videocast subtitling services, seeing to it that the subtitles are well understood and they give the audience the experience they need. Our goal is seeing to it that we deliver the best service.

English subtitling Services Company in South Africa- benefits deaf people

Subtitles enhance the viewing experience, and keep they keep the viewers entertained and interested to the documented content. We make sure that our subtitling services give our clients everything they need to communicate with their audience, including those that have a hearing problem. English subtitling services company in South Africa’s subtitling services continues to uphold authenticity and accuracy of every spoken word in the videocast.

With the experience gained over the years in the subtitling field, you are in safe hands. Rest assured, you will receive perfectly translated and accurately timed English videocast subtitles. Speak Portuguese is one of the most determined subtitling services company that meets the subtitling and captioning requirements of media companies, from Portuguese to English.

English subtitling services in South Africa johannesburg_Pretoria_Durban_Cape Town

The subtitling process is as follows:

  • Identifying the beginning process and the ending of the audio and video playing simultaneously, calculating the minimum and maximum duration, while checking the changes in camera shot and scenes.
  • Translating the spoken words while seeing to it that they are well adjusted to the characters’ speech and the duration of the subtitle.
  • Presentation of the translated subtitles with the videocast and the audio to check that they meet the requirements that they can be read naturally.
  • Adjusting the text well and editing it.

English subtitling services company in South Africa- Speak Portuguese specialties

However, English subtitling services company in South Africa’s professional subtitling experts are native speakers of both Portuguese and English languages are the best candidates to take care of any content production for start to finish, with a clear timeline, while being on the other end of the phone, should our clients find themselves in need of anything. The level of service offered by the English subtitling services company in South Africa are of top notch, while the quality on the other hand, is second to none. As, English subtitling services company in South Africa, we in subtitling various projects, such as e-learning, academic videos, corporate, advertisements, business presentations and others.

We are only and email and a phone call away. If you have any questions you would like to ask, kindly contact us on the following numbers 012 348 3134 or send us an email at Info@speakportuguese.co.za, we will gladly be of assistance to you.

English subtitling services company in South Africa
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