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Translating companies’ memorandum of association into Portuguese.

Are you planning to start a new business in a Portuguese speaking country? Then it is important to have your memorandum and articles of association translated in to Portuguese. These statutory documents are official documents which set out the objects, legal form and ground rules of a company. For this reason, they are drawn up officially by a notary. The memorandum and articles of association frequently contain complicated legal terminology which means that you need an experienced Portuguese translator with extensive experience of legal terminology. It is nearly always necessary to have a sworn translation of the memorandum and articles of association, performed by a certified sworn translator. A sworn legal translator is qualified as a translator and has also sworn an oath before the court in South Africa, stating that all his or her translations are true and accurate, and performed in good faith. On this basis a sworn translation represents an official translation of the document within South Africa. Naturally it is also possible to use the document in Portuguese speaking countries, by having it legalised. For more information on sworn translations, see our webpage: sworn translations.

Doing business in Portuguese Speaking Markets


Multinational companies operating in global markets are always looking for professional agencies to have their memorandum of association professionally translated in the official language of the intended country of their businesses.

As an authorized and certified Portuguese translation company in South Africa , we will be more than happy to help you have your documents translated from and into Portuguese and English to best enable your finalize your transactions from the governmental authorities in the intended country of business.

Such memorandum of association shall include the fixed duration of the established company, the capital, shares of the shareholders, authorities of the partners and managers who will run the business, as well as it has to be published in the official gazette. All of the aforementioned shall be in accordance with the provisions of the governing laws in the intended Portuguese speaking country.

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