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The Letter of Endorsement is an important letter to acquire if you are a foreign medical practitioner looking to practice medicine in South Africa. The Foreign Workforce Management Programme is where one can apply for the letter, meaning that you’ll need their contact details to acquire it. Below is the Foreign Workforce Management Programme contact details in Pretoria — their physical address, postal address, contact numbers, fax and emails. You can use the contact numbers to call them and find out more about getting an Endorsement Letter and how to apply for it. Once that information is given to you, you can apply for your Endorsement Letter by posting, faxing or emailing your application, accompanied by the necessary documents needed, so that you are able to register with the Health Council Profession of South Africa (HPCSA) and practice medicine in South Africa.

The Foreign Workforce Management Programme (FWMP)’s primary objective is to support the staffing needs of rural communities across South Africa, and in particular, to advocate candidates for positions that will eventually need to be filled in less-urbanized service areas. They charge no fees for the application. The management and administrative services provided by the Programme are governed by current regulations and pertinent laws. 

Foreign Workforce Management Programme contact details

Postal Address:

Private Bag X828



South Africa

Courier address:

Room 1125, Fedlife Building

Corner of Church and Prinsloo Streets


South Africa








Shaun-Allan Smith

Programme manager


Aboo Mohamed Allie



Larissa Pienaar



Nobie Bezuidenhout



The Foreign Workforce Management Programme (FWMP)

Foreign Workforce Management Programme contact details in Pretoria-pretoria-kempton park-capetown-durban-2023Mrs Rose T Madlose is the programme director of the Foreign Workforce Management Programme. An application to the Foreign Workforce Management is not an invitation to depart to South Africa, it is just a presentation for candidature so that you may be considered. If you are still abroad upon your application, you may only depart for South Africa once your application has been approved and you are issued with the Letter of Endorsement. If you are in South Africa by the time your Letter of Endorsement is approved you can come collect it at the Pretoria office on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week between 08h00 and 14h00. 

Your application can take about three to four weeks turn-around time. You can fax the Foreign Workforce Management Programme as a reminder of your application or for an appeal if your first application wasn’t successful. Due to the uneven distribution of health professionals in the public health sector, the FWMP will, if you are successful and endorsed towards employability, negotiate a job offer on your behalf. The Department has given national programmes and plans as well as understaffed rural areas special attention when determining areas of need.

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Foreign Workforce Management Programme contact details in Pretoria
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Foreign Workforce Management Programme contact details in Pretoria
The Foreign Workforce Management Programme is where you can submit an application for the Letter of Endorsement, meaning you'll need their contact information to get it. The Foreign Workforce Management Programme's physical address, postal address, phone number, fax, and email are listed in the article along with the organization's other Pretoria contact information.
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