Portugal eases work requirements by becoming the latest country to introduce new visa requirements specifically for job seekers and digital nomads. The Portugal D7 Digital Nomad visa has recently been in effect since 24 September 2022 and is targeted at freelancers and remote workers who want to stay in the country for up to five months. The visa is aimed at people who reside outside of Europe. The new visa scheme has been launched after the Portuguese government approved amendments to immigration law in July 2022. Another visa newly introduced is The Job Seeker Visa, which is still under deliberation but aims to ease visa rules so people can come to Portugal, and expose themselves to the local workforce while looking for a job in Portugal.

Portuguese Labour Issues

The labour shortage issues greatly influence the Digital Nomad Visa and the Job Seeker Visa as this has eased Portugal visa requirements to get more foreigners to be eligible for visas. Since 2020 unfilled job vacancies have grown steadily even in the foreign labour force. In particular, unfilled job vacancies have grown steadily since the end of 2020 and in the third quarter of 2021 exceeded 42,800, the highest level in the series. Industrial and construction companies and the tourism and hospitality industry cite labour shortages as a great obstacle in the way of business productivity. This increase in the number of unfilled jobs stands in contrast to the trend in economic activity, which despite experiencing a strong recovery still lies 2.4% below the same period in 2019. This is why the D7 Visa and the Job Seeker Visa have been put in effect to call out competent foreigners to fill vacancies that remain unfilled.

Portuguese Job Seeker Visa

The new job seeker visa will initially be valid for up to 120 days, with the option of an additional 60-day extension, for a total validity of 180 days. Who will be allowed to apply for this visa in the future is not entirely apparent because the new legislation requires further discussions in the Portuguese parliament. However, Deputy Minister Mendes asserts that a wide spectrum of individuals looking to relocate to Portugal for employment objectives will be eligible for the visa. Additionally, it is anticipated that Portugal will welcome the residents of the so-called Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) with open arms. Prospective job seekers from CPLP countries’ Portuguese language skills should help facilitate a fast and seamless societal integration and a significant value-add in the workplace. The Portuguese government hopes that this visa liberalisation can address the country’s labour shortages.

The Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

Foreigners who are seeking job opportunities in Portugal will be granted a temporary 120-day visa which can be extended for 60 days. The deputy minister of Portugal says that the visa aims to revitalise the country’s job market and human resources. Portugal Digital Nomad Visa Requirements for South Africans include:

  • Remote job
  • Valid passport
  • Portugal tax number
  • The minimum income requirement is 700€ (R12000) per month and
  • South African criminal background check
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • An application form must be completed and the visa fee is R 1396, 67

Who is eligible for The Digital Nomad Visa?

Remote workers and foreign nationals can apply for an employment-based visa based on remote work or self-employment visas. Because of the updates of this visa they have to apply for the D7 visa based on stable and passive income. The aim of this is to show that you are financially able to pay for your cost of living, accommodation, and any other needs that may arise for you in Portugal for the duration of the validity of the visa. People from around the world who meet the visa requirements will contribute to filling Portugal’s labour gap.Portugal Eases Work Visa Requirements-pretoria-johannesburg-capetown-durban2022

Portugal Immigration Population

Portugal has a significant amount of immigration population, and new visa requirements advance the plans to embrace immigrants to combat the labour shortage. The 2021 population census reports the number of foreign residents in Portugal increased by 40% between 2011 and 2021. Therefore foreign citizens account for 5.4% of the total population living in Portugal. Portugal attracts a lot of foreigners for its low cost of living, universities and recently the labour shortage in all industries. This is why easing visa requirements or introducing new visas will attract more skilled immigrants who can address Portugal’s labour shortage crisis.

In summary, Portugal has been struggling with a labour deficit for years. To address the gaps in the labour force, they are creating new visas and easing the restrictions for labour visas. The relaxed visa criteria are aimed towards CPLP, while the new Digital Nomad visa is intended for remote workers from outside of Europe. Portugal is fighting to give possibilities to immigrants as a means of reviving the labour market.

Portugal Eases Work Visa Requirements-Pretoria-Johannesburg-capetown-durban

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Portugal Eases Work Visa Requirements
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Portugal Eases Work Visa Requirements
Portugal eases work requirements by becoming the latest country to introduce new visa requirements specifically for job seekers and digital nomads. This article details the newly introduced visa and their requirements.
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