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Medical aid for international students in South Africa is needed, this is in accordance with the Visa Regulations in The Immigration Act 13 of 2002. The medical aid should also be annually renewed for the whole duration period that the student is enrolled in school and should be registered in terms of the Medical Scheme Act 131 of 1998. 

Every university in South Africa is affiliated with The International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA), which chose Simeka Health – a division within Sanlam, which acts as a health cover intermediary. IEASA together with Simeka work hand in hand to choose the most appropriate medical aid for international students in South Africa, they do this by doing an annual evaluation of available schemes and propose a clear outline of suitable medical cover for international students. This outline is mostly based on medical benefits, financial stability and cost and services offered by the medical aid.

What are the different medical aid options for international students?

These are the two medical aid schemes tailored for international students by the IEASA and Simeka Health

Medical aid for International students in South Africa-capetown-durban-2023

Momentum Ingwe

Monthly fee



  • Unlimited access to any GP doctor.
  • Consultation of a virtual doctor.
  • Unlimited approved prescribed medicine and chronic medication by the doctor.
  • Specialist/physiotherapy and psychologist consultations.
  • Basic X-rays and specific blood tests.
Digital self-service

  • Digital self-service platform, where you can ask any medical or healthcare-related questions, via WhatsApp.

  • The use of any private/network hospital or daycare facility.
  • List of Prescribed Minimum Benefits.

  • Emergency and casualty benefits.

  • Annual dental health check-ups, fillings, cleaning and removal of teeth.

  • Eye test at an optometrist, every two years.
Other benefits

  • A health assessment is done each year, which includes blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure test. As well as checking repayment of balance of contributions upon early departure (require proof from academic institution) and cancellation of study VISAour BMI.
  • Accessibility to talk to a doctor 24/7 over the phone, and get medical advice anywhere and anytime.
  • Telephone sessions where you have access to a counsellor, who can offer relationship advice, can offer trauma counselling and also talk about sexual health, finances and suicide prevention. 
  • Unlimited Emergency transportation via Netcare 911 International travel benefit (90 days) R5m emergency cover- R1300 co-payment per claim. No Activation is required. Request travel certificate for VISA.
  • Cover for repatriation of mortal remains (limited to R55 000 at contracted provider).
  • Wellness benefit for students – Coach in your pocket including free lifestyle coaching, the Virtual Wellness Café.
  • Antenatal Benefit: 7 visits to a gynaecologist, midwife or GP, plus limited scans, blood tests and paediatrician visits.
  • HealthSaver can be added to provide for additional healthcare expenses – R 500 single contribution or R 100 per month.

Medical aid for International students in South Africa-sandton-capetown-durban-pretoria

CompCare NetworX

Monthly fee



  • Unlimited visits to GP doctors, who form part of the universal network of GPs.
  • Prescribed acute medication.
  • Annual eye test.
  • Chronic medication.
  • Two specialist consultations per year.
  • Basic radiology.
  • Three sessions with a counsellor or psychologist in a year.
  • oral contraceptives.
  • flu vaccinations.
Digital self-service

  • They have an online platform, where students can access their medical scheme information.

  • Access to a whole wide of private hospitals.

  • Payable for annual flexi benefit.

  • Annual dental health check-up.

  • Payable from Annual Flexi Benefit, subject to 1 eye test and one pair of clear plastic single vision (R980) or bi-focal lenses limited to R1550 including frames every 2 years, subject to protocols/limits and network provider, paid from Annual Flexi Benefit.
Other benefits

  • Cover for repatriation of mortal remains (limited to R30 000 at contracted provider). 
  • Repayment of contributions upon early departure.
  • Unlimited Emergency transportation via Netcare 911.
  • International travel benefit (90 days)R5m emergency medical cover. Activation required before departure 
  • Free loyalty program (Universal 360).
  • Antenatal benefit: 2 ante-natal visits to a gynaecologist subject to Annual Flexi Benefit and 2 2D scans.
  • Free Lifestyle and preventative care Blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, BMI and waist circumference – limited to R230 per beneficiary over 18.

These are other medical aid cover options (not from the IEASA or Simeka Health) tailored for international students

Medical aid for International students in South Africa-sandton-pretoria-capetown-durban

Medihelp MedElect Student

Monthly fee



  • Cover GP doctors in their network and a few outside their network.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Radiography.
  • Medication.
  • (But they all have a certain limit on how much you spend on each). 
Digital self-service



  • Unlimited in-hospital treatment.
  • Access to a network of selected private hospitals.

  • Covers emergency services.

  • Annual dental health check-up.
Other benefits

  • Screenings.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Contraceptives. 

Medical aid for International students in South Africa-pretoria-capetown-durban

Truststudent Medical Aid

Monthly fee



  • Unlimited visits to any doctor on the Active Primary Care Network.
  • Medicine Prescribed by the Doctor.
  • Referral to a Specialist for the best care (2 specialist consultations per year, limited to R1 050 per visit).
  • Psychologists and psychiatrists are limited to Prescribed Minimum Benefits at State facilities.
  • Physiotherapy. 
  • Specific kinds of blood tests.
  • Basic X-rays.
Digital self-service



  • Hospital benefits at ANY private hospital are covered at 100%.

  • Covers operations and other procedures.

  • Should you need to visit an emergency room/casualty during or after hours, you have 1 visit per person or 2 visits per family per year.
  • You pay the first R100 of the visit and you need to call us on 0860 102 493 for authorisation within 72 hours after the visit.
  • Medical Emergency Transportation (Netcare 911 is their service provider if you need emergency medical transportation).


  • You can visit one of the Primary Care Network dentists for an annual dental check-up.
  • Covers you for the consultation, cleaning, fillings and extraction of teeth.
Other benefits


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Medical aid for international students in South Africa
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Medical aid for international students in South Africa
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